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Bookkeeping Services

Our technology work conceived to providing top quality financial services. We guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, reliability, responsibility, and we will try to justify your trust. At the end of each month we make up a financial report and advise you on how to do business more economical. For the accuracy of your documents and financial guarantee. If our fault occurs punishment, our house bears the costs.
We provide the following services:
• keeps accounts and bookkeeping business changes in the financial, stock and material accounting
• preparation and posting of calculation
• keeping incoming and outgoing invoices Books
• records and calculation of VAT (value added tax)
• general ledger
• keeping account books
• keeping KEPU books
• keeping books daily traffic Caterers (DPU)
• keeping business records of income and expenses (PK1)
• records commission goods (KR, KR1)
• keeping books on traffic lump taxed payers (KPO)
• managing cash
• recording of imports and exports
• records of payment of taxes and contributions
• payroll and benefits
• calculation of depreciation
• Preparation of annual accounts
• preparation of analytical card customers and suppliers, fixed assets, goods, materials, finished products ...
• representation before tax authorities
• the preparation and submission of all required documents to the tax authorities
• making complaints and objections to decisions and records or tax inspection authorities
• ...
Our clients are from a variety of activities and organizational forms
• enterprises
• Entrepreneurs (actions)
• Farmers
• flat-rate bond
• wholesale and retail
• production companies
• company, supplying services
• import, export, re-export
• Commissioned
• menjačnice
• non-governmental organizations - NGOs
• other legal entities: clubs, associations, etc.
• Prices of accounting services are agreed and stated in Euros, and payment is in dinars at the selling market exchange rate that is worth at the date of payment services.
• If the client pays the service on their own initiative, on the basis of the contract, based on the issued invoices or other information that you provide him with the Agency, and the application rate that is lower than the retail market exchange rate on the date of payment services, the agency will calculate what is the difference, in turn EUR- e and added to the invoice for the next month together with additional, subsequent emergency and accounting services. If the aforementioned difference is more than 10% of the customer's obligations this month, the Agency reserves the right to require payment of such differences in terms of paying for the service of the current month.
• Accounting services are paid monthly in advance. The deadline for payment of services is the 5th of the month for which the service is paid, except for additional services that are paid by the end of the month, along with the price of basic services for the next month.
• By the 5 th of the month, the client waits Agency contracted payment. At the time of the 5 th to 10 th, the Agency reminds the client to pay, and the 11th are printed notice of the expiry of this deadline. Notices shall be clients to 13th. In the event that in this period the notice fails to deliver to the client, the 14th, he was also sent by post.Notification shall inform the client about the amount of unpaid services, the fact that the 5-th overdue for payment services and that he will be, if the service is not paid by the 15th day, cease to provide services on the 16th, and that he will be providing services to continue when make payment. If the client to the 22-th does not pay for the service, the 23rd he sends call to retrieve documents which informs that if by the end of the month does not settle favor and do not continue to cooperate or not to take their documentation, the Agency will continue to keep its documentation and that they would be scrapped without the responsibilities of the Agency for the possible harm to the client.
At the conclusion of contracts for the provision of accounting services client to the Agency's own blank promissory notes, which serve as collateral for securing. The Agency recognizes that the client can limit the value date bills at the height of the two-month contractual obligation.