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Labour relations

Earnings Calculator
Calculation of the control number for the payment of taxes and contributions on the model of 97th

Entrepreneurs mothers

Entrepreneurs mothers in two ways can exercise the right to recourse due to maternity leave and absence from work for child care. with a total duration of 12 months.
The fee can be achieved if:
first dismiss all workers and close entrepreneurial action;
second if management act entrusts the foreman, which is registered in the Business Registers Agency within 15 days (prevalent cases).
It is submitted documentation proving that the payments made ​​in the tax contribution to the authority that the refund of funds paid.

What we bring amendments to the Labour Act?

The new Labour Law, among others, the following changes:
Working part-time is extended to 2 years;
Employment Contract changes in items related to earnings;
Introduction of telework to perform certain tasks such as. computing;
Introduction of flexible working hours; introduced preparedness; changing the definition of overtime by working time with overtime work may not last longer than 12 hours a day,
the employee will be entitled to annual leave in a calendar year after a month of continuous operation from the date of employment with the employer.
Smanjenjuje the duration of leave with pay from 7 to 5 working days.
Introduces the past performance only for the work with the last employer; employer reimburse only the cost of transport for commuting to and from work who were at the time of conclusion of the contract of employment; for retirement pension is reduced from three to two times the average wage, and the amount
of severance pay based on redundancy is calculated for the years of service with the last
employer (except in the case of status changes and with related parties)
Determine the typical injuries and injuries labor discipline; introduces a fine of up to 20% up to three months and a warning with the announcement of the cancellation; extending the suspension of the work without compensation earnings from three to 15 days; authorizes the employer to refer the employee to a medical examination;
Cancels the extended application of collective agreements.

The obligations of the employer

The employer shall notify the employee of the conditions and work organization, important circumstances that affect or could affect the performance of work under contract, about all kinds of business risks, measures for safety and health at work in accordance with the Risk Assessment Act and other rights and obligations arising from the laws and regulations governing the field of work.
The employer shall pay the employee during the entry into operation submit a photocopy of the application for compulsory social insurance (pension and disability insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance in case). Employee surrenders statement or certificate and a photocopy of the application form,
but in the personal file of the employee keeps received a photocopy of a certificate or declaration, signed by the employee and which clearly shows the date of signing. Labour inspection in the control procedure requires such proof of notification to the employee on the application of compulsory insurance.
A person who is present at the business premises of the employer, which has not reported on the pension and health insurance and that there is no signed contract, is considered to be relied upon for an indefinite period of time. The range of fines for this offense is from 800,000.00 to 1,000,000, 00 dinars.

Creating a work booklet

As our customers often ask, "How is mined work book?" We will describe the procedure in several steps:
1. In the bookstore buying labor card;
second take it to a town house in order to verify and take diplomas and certificates;
third take it to a certified labor card into the national employment service, and sign in if you are unemployed or if you have lost your labor card, now you want to create a photocopy of the need to integrate employment service, this procedure is carried out in the National Employment Service.

Contract work

Article 199 of the Labor Law stipulates that the employer can with a particular person to conclude the work. Service contract may be entered into only for the jobs which are beyond the activities of the employer. If you increase the workload or the need to replace the absent worker in this case can not enter into a service contract to perform these tasks, but the contract is concluded for a definite / indefinite contract or temporary jobs. For service contracts it is the conclusion of a contract for the performance of a particular transaction.
The payer of income arising from the contract for a natural person - recipient of income, a legal entity or entrepreneur who pays his income is obliged to calculate, withhold and pay tax on the taxable income. The basis for the calculation of the tax the gross income minus the normalized cost of 20%. On the income arising from service contracts are paid and contributions for pension amounting to 22% of the health insurance contribution in the amount of 12.3% for persons who are not otherwise insured, the coefficient for calculation of net to gross basis is 1.768034.
If the contract on the work concludes with a person who is insured on other grounds payable and suspends tax of 20% and pension insurance contribution in the amount of 22%, the coefficient for calculation of net to gross basis is 1.5060241. If the contract is concluded with a person who is paying according to the decision of the tax administration or a foreign citizen as well as persons who are exempted from the payment of contributions shall be calculated and paid only taxes in the amount of 20%, and the coefficient for conversion from net to gross basis is 1.1904762.
payer submits earnings competent branch of the tax administration of the tax return PP OPJ-6 and specification of taxes, and the appropriate branch office of the Pension and Disability Insurance or MUN MUN-K.
In the event that the service contract concluded with an unemployed person or pensioner employer is obliged to submit an application to the pension and disability insurance on Form M.
Recipients of disability and survivors' pensions is not recommended to conclude any contract of employment as able to get to the suspension of pension payments, and the exception is only for family pension if the realized monthly fee of less than 50% of the lowest base for calculating contributions.

Employment for a specified time

Employment for a definite period of time may be established to perform certain tasks for a period of continuous or with interruptions lasting longer than three years. Under the interruption referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall not be considered outages shorter than 30 working days. Employment for a certain time, in order to replace temporarily absent employee, may be established until the return of the absent employee. Employed at a certain time become employment for an indefinite period, if the employee continues to work for at least five working days after the deadline for which is based employment. Art. 37. (1) The employment relationship is based on the time duration of which is predetermined when it comes to seasonal jobs, work on a specific project, the increase in workload that will take some time, and the like. during these needs, provided that such permanent employment continuously or intermittently can not last longer than 12 months.
This attitude determines that the employment relationship may be established for a limited time for performing certain jobs only for the period of continuous or with interruptions nadjuže lasts 12 months. From this attitude can be concluded that these are the works which can be employed for a certain time, and it can be assumed that the legislature's intent was that the employer precisely determine the general act of situations (cases) in which they will be employed part-time and the length of its duration, but not longer than 12 months. To carry out certain tasks can be repeatedly working relationship based on a specific time, with a total duration may not be longer than 12 months. In calculating this period adds to the duration of each employment at a certain time and their sum can not be more than 12 months. When the distance between the labor contract less than 30 working days, this period is included in the maximum duration of employment for a specified time. If the employer for example. concluded with the employee labor contract after the expiry of the contract of employment may be the same person again becomes employed to perform certain tasks for a limited time. In addition, if a new contract is concluded in less than 30 working days from the expiry of the previous contract, to a maximum duration of this based employment shall include all months of employment, as well as downtime (time between two of the employment contract) . (This used to be the opinion of the Ministry of Labour and Employment of 6.2.2002.god by what the previous law from 2001). The interruption is considered to be only one outage longer than 30 days (for a period of 12 months).


In the event of termination of employment within the meaning of Article 101, paragraph 1, item 8) labor law, the employer is obliged to pay a severance in the amount determined by the general act or contract of employment, and the employee:
1) to 10 years in employment - a minimum of double salary;
2) from 10 to 20 years in employment - a minimum of three salaries;
3) from 20 to 30 years in employment - a minimum of four salaries;
4) over 30 years spent in employment - a minimum of five times earnings.
Earning the purposes of paragraph 1 of this Article, shall be the salary that the employee in accordance with the law, general act or contract of employment for the month preceding the month in which he ceases working relationship.
If the employer does not have its own funds, or lacks sufficient funds to ensure the rights of redundancy determined by law, the funds for such purpose in accordance with the law or other act (National Employment Service may pay compensation).
An employee whose employer after payment of severance pay under Article 117 of this Law cancel the contract because of no need for his work, is entitled to compensation and the right to pension and disability insurance and health care, in accordance with the regulations on employment.

Employment of foreign nationals

Under the concept of foreigners means that a natural person who has foreign citizenship or who does not have any of the existing citizenship. The rights of aliens may be grouped with regard to their availability at least three groups:
Okay that foreigners do not enjoy (suffrage, public functions, etc.);
-realitivno reserved rights that are available to foreigners if it is filled with a certain condition;
-General rights are equally represented foreigners and nationals.
In Serbia in general rights include the right to employment by a foreigner who has permanent or temporary residence right may come into work in a company, an entrepreneur and public sectors.
The law on the conditions for the employment of foreign nationals (Fig. list / 78,64 / 89, etc. FRY. Nos. 42/92, 24/94, 28/96 and 101/05), which is the Republic of Serbia took over as his law stipulates two conditions which the alien must meet in order to establish employment:
-that has approval for permanent or temporary residence;
-to obtain approval for employment (work permit).
A foreigner can design a working relationship without authorization, to perform professional tasks envisaged:
-Contract on business and technical cooperation,
-Contract on long-term production cooperation,
-Contract technology transfer and
-Contract on foreign investments.
The Law on Employment and Unemployment Insurance (Fig. Gazette No.71 / 2003) provides that a work permit to a foreigner and stateless issued by the National Employment Service (čl.60st.1tač.6). Work permit is a permit for employment in terms of the conditions for the employment of foreign nationals. Request for authorization for employment tj.radne permit, an alien with permanent residence submitted in person to the relevant branch of the National Employment Service.
The documentation required to obtain licenses to foreigners with permanent residence is
-zahtev (which gets in the National Employment Service) and
-overen copy of the approval for permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia or photocopy of identity card.
A foreign national who has a temporary stay (evidenced by a certificate of the MUP of the room, or a photocopy of the passport with a temporary residence permit) can obtain a work permit based on the request of the employer. The employer submits the request to the relevant branch of the National Employment Service (NES form obtained in). The request must contain an explanation or opinion about the need for that person and validate a diploma as proof of qualifications, or other document proving that the alien meets the requirements for the performance of duties and tasks for which permission is sought for rad.Za non-compliance penalty clauses exist in the form of fines.

Legal aspects of labor relations

Labour Law (Fig. Gazette of RS No.73 / 01;
Conditions of employment (Article 13).
general health capacity,
at least 15 years of age,
other requirements for the operation by appropriate act of the employer.

The Classification of Municipalities

1. Ada 201
2. Aleksandrovac 001
3. Aleksinac 002
4. Alibunar 202
5. Apatin 203
6. Aranđelovac 003
7. Arilje 004
8. Babušnica 006
9. Bajina Bašta 007
10. Barajevo 010
11. Batočina 008
12. Bač 204
13. Bačka Palanka 205
14. Bačka Topola 206